December 22 2003

This morning was really neat.  Ann and I decided we needed to talk to Katherine about what was going to happening with her in a effort to prepare her for what's going on. We spoke with Olga about this on our way to the orphanage. We also needed to sit with Anthony's care givers to find out what his routine is; feedings, naps, likes, dislikes etc..

We found out that Anthony gets up at 6 in the morning for a pre-breakfast snack, then goes back to sleep.  He eats like 6 meals a day, every 4 hours they give him something to eat. He goes to bed around 9 in the evening.  They take a nap from 2-4 everyday as well.

Ann and Katherine were hanging out in the playroom and 2 of Katherine's care givers came in. Olga, Ann and the caregivers had the discussion, I missed it. They said that Katherine is very aware of what is going on and that she is excited to be leaving. She tells everybody that she is going on a plane with Papa and Mama.  They said that when we are not there all she talks about is Papa. (Big Grin on my face) We had given her a stuffed dog and a blanket to put on her bed in her sleeping quarters.  This is something of her very own that she take with her when she leaves. We thought this was important, for closure.

We also bought her a back pack yesterday.  When it is time for her to say her goodbye's she will be able to put her dog and blanket in her back pack and come home with Mommy and Daddy. As I am typing this I have tears in my eyes. I think about how it might feel to a 2 1/2 year old to have nothing that is really hers.  It breaks my heart, Thanks to God for saving her for us.

The snow suit. I will start with, she is a very curious little girl.  Interested in taking things apart just to see how they work.  Sometimes it is just to see what is on the inside.  There is an electronic stuffed bunny sitting on the piano.  She took it down and pulled out the battery pack.  She held the battery pack to her ear listening for the sound, it made none.  I had some batteries in my back pack, I retrieved them.  When it did not work I put my batteries back.  It was now time for her to investigate the contents of my back pack.  She pulled one of her new a snow boots from the pack and got the hugest grin on her face. She lit up like a Christmas tree.  She knew they were for her. She was beaming with pride. My heart defiantly skipped a beat for her. THIS IS MINE, I DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE WITH ANYBODY.  I have a video clip of her with her boots and jacket on. Ann put them on her and Katherine seemed to be the happiest girl in town for that moment.  It was too late in our visit for them to go outside.  Katherine remembered about the outside stuff when we went back in the afternoon.  Ann suited Katherine up this afternoon, Katherine was still beaming with pride, and they went out to try out the new suit.  When they came back in and took off the snow stuff, Katherine took her new boots and put them right with Ann's outside stuff.  It was priceless to watch this, I got a rush from watching Katherine's connection with us.

Anthony wants to walk.  He wants to roam the building and just follow everybody. Ann said that he turned around about 20 times in a 3 foot span just trying to follow everybody that walked by. He is coming to life right in front of us.  He is aware of everything, if Katherine is doing it, he wants to.  I told him today, that although you are a boy, she will be the one ruling his roost for a while.

He is starting to dive, roll or topple is a better description, into the ball pit. He sees everybody else doing it and Mommy and Katherine are in there so it must be good.  He will stand at the side and just fall, head first, in.  It is funny to watch. He cannot really move much once he is in there but loves it all the same.

Anthony will walk up to everybody, then turn shy for a minute or two. Once he lets you pick him up it is all grins and baby noises. He gets a kick out of your grunting at him. He will grunt back and laugh then bust into raspberries.  He is going to adjust well to home living, in Jersey.

Ann is a little tired this evening and is resting but sends all her love.

© Bill Delmedico 2013