December 9 2003

Had a great night sleep.  I am a little confused on what day it really is.  Yesterday the 8th was a travel day.  So, yesterday the 8th and today the 9th have run together.

    So, like I was saying yesterday, we signed a lot of paper work.  The law office was nice and everybody was friendly.  They went over the process of how it was going to work for our selection process.  They would show us all the available children that met our criteria and then we would narrow it down and eventually get the Doctors opinion.  It seems pretty straight forward.

    We had lunch at a place called Mad Murpheys Irish pub, with Jim and Suzanne.  The food was outstanding.  I had french fries and a pizza, Ann had a Cheeseburger real beef, Jim had pizza and Suzanne had a burger as well.  Lots of bottled water and Coke Light, AKA Diet coke, no ice.  The Coke Light tastes sweeter then our Diet Coke. 

    Ann and I walked around Almaty a bit looking for the internet cafe.  We found it, I think it was a dial up with 6 computers connected to a 56K connection.  Took us about 20 minutes to send an email. 

    There was an issue with the airline that the agency normally uses so we were set up on a different flight out of Almaty to Karaganda.  It was a twin prop, old plane.  There were about 50 seats, only about 10 people on board for the flight.  Uneventful flight up.  The landing was a bit rough for me, kind of like a roller coaster.  When we departed, it was COLD.  The wind was blowing and it was just down right chilly.  Good thing we packed the right clothes for this time of year.

  We got to our new apartment about 11 pm.  It is nice.  Everything you need for comfortable living.  We will be moving across town in 10 days, this will put us closer to the center of the city and the baby house.  We were met by our interpreter, Olga, and driver, Natasha.

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