April 26 2004

Welcome! Just a technical update. Our Web Host service had a server that died last week. They said it was some type of virus or something. They decided to replace the server and give us more web space for the same low price we are currently paying. I like that deal. At any rate, we are up and running again. Hope you all have a great time getting caught up on our lives.

Sarge is still in the hospital. He is not doing so well. He has limited movement on his left hind leg and no movement on the right hind leg and tail. Bladder control is questionable and he can't squat to poop. These are all bad signs. We will have to make the final decision this Thursday. That will be the 14 day mark of the injury. His quality of life is greatly diminished. I am not looking forward to Thursday. I will leave it at that.

Katherine and Anthony are doing well. They really are adjusting well to the daycare scene. Ann has decided to wait until after nap on Wednesday's to pick them up. She had tried picking them up during or before nap and it has not worked out so well. In essence, Ann gets an hour or 2 of OT a week.

Katherine is really picking up her word count. She tries to pick up a new word everytime she hears one. She has problems with her F's, S's and a couple of other letter sounds. Not bad for 3 months of English. The communication used to not be an issue, you just read her body language and understood everything. The more words she tries to use the harder it is to understand her. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

Anthony is using more words as well. He uses done, yes, hi and several others to communicate. He still uses his compulsive whine to get his point across. We encourage him regularly to use his words and he will when prompted. This is good.

Anthony got his stitches out on Monday and all was well. We are now putting vitamin E gel on the scar to reduce the long term scar. This was the doctors opinion. Watching him play and run around, he will have more trips to the emergency room. He is fearless. He dives in head first, literally, into everything. No fear of animals, period. They all seem to like him so far. I am sure that he will eventually meet the animal that does not like him, we'll deal with that when it comes. I have never seen a child so fearless, the bigger the dog the better. I guess that he will meet his match someday.

Katherine is a ball of fire. She is still unsure of how to fit in a family. I am sure that will change by the time she graduates from College, I hope. It is certainly painful at times to watch.

The kids are doing great.

Ryan has had a couple of Games this week. They won the first game 21 to 13 and lost the second 14 to 5, I think. He had a couple of good hits. One great one to Right Field. I think he even amazed himself with the hit. He got a triple out of it. We have 3 games, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I will give you the update next week.

There really isn't too much else to report on this week. I am feeling a bit emotionally drained couple with a cold and apparently allergies. I have never had allergies before in my life, this is new to me.

Sorry about the short post and the down system. Tune in next week for more exciting adventures in the life of the Delmedico's.

Katherine will be turning 3 this coming Sunday, tune in for Birthday pictures.

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