August 23 2004

    The kids are doing well. Ryan has finished baseball and has now started football. He is currently first string offense tackle. Of course, that position could be lost at any moment. He has to work to keep his position. He is hanging there and his coach says he needs to be more aggressive on the field. He says he can do that.

    Anthony is growing just fine. He is a funny guy. He has some of the best facial expressions and a really great sense of humor for a 2 year old. We are having him evaluated for speech with our local school district. He is a bit delayed in speech but all in all he is well. Anthony, Ryan and mommy went on vacation this summer to visit relatives in Tn. Anthony had a blast with his Gran, Uncle Walter, Aunt Susan and his cousins. Gran said that her dogs did not like Anthony too much, as they would pee on the floor when he came around. That's our Anthony, scaring everybody. I guess Anthony has an intimidating presence. We'll have to work on that. He is still on the TB meds. I guess this is a preventive course of medication due to the potential exposure. He is taking it like a champ. Crushed pill every morning with breakfast. He does not complain though. He likes to watch Ryan play football and baseball and has a total fascination with both the football and baseball helmets. He loves to wear them and pretend he is on the field. I think he will be an athlete when he is old enough.

    Anthony still wears a pull up to bed at night. For the rest of the time, he is in big boy underwear. It is so great not having to change dirty diapers. He has been very successful. Still needs reminders but will do it on his own for the most part. I can't express enough as to how proud of himself he is. That is the goal, to enable him to be proud and happy about his successes.

    Katherine is doing well. We did have a little set back with growth. She lost a pound and the pediatrician said this is not good. She said we need to fatten her up. We have been trying. This is difficult as she doesn't seem to like food too much. But, she has put on some weight. The doctor will be very happy about this.

    We have also been making progress with the OT. Kat seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. Her language is getting better and better everyday. She will be starting Special Ed Pre-school in September. I am nervous for her. She will be giving up her nap and will be sitting in school 5 days a week from noon to about 3:30. The bus will pick her up and drop her off. She is excited but I don't think she really has the big picture yet. I am bracing for a month or so of rough going. We will get through it and she really needs it. She will be getting speech 3 times a week and in class OT. We shall see how this works for her.

    Ann is working hard and bringing home the bacon. She really enjoyed her vacation with the boys this summer. It was like a well needed break from all the day to day stuff of work, special needs, juggling family and friends. She certainly came home very refreshed. It was good to see.

    Me, I've been Cooking, washing cloths, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn etc...

Here are some pics for you! Anthony had a little biting of the tongue. That hurt. He is better now.

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